Best Collar for Husky – Top Reviewed Siberian Husky Harness of 2020

You can’t deny that Siberian Husky is one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs around the world. Huskies are wild but lovable. Their blue eyes and furry bodies can catch the eyes of any dog lover. Though Huskies are adorable, they are hard to control and one of the most challenging dog’s breed to train. If you own Siberian husky for the first time, get ready to sweat a lot in the initial days of training. Huskies take time to cope up and don’t bond quickly. But once they did, they can love and protect you that you feel like he was born just for you. To make them the best companion, you have to train them better. Siberian husky collars and harnesses can help you with that. 

No matter which breed you have, it is crucial to have a high-quality collar or harness with you all the time. It is a ‘must-have’ thing to train, assist, or control your dog. As the pets have to wear collars most of the time, the collars they use should be made of some comfortable materials and durable buckles. It is essential that your dogs don’t get any irritation or allergic reaction wearing such accessories. Here is a list of best harnesses for husky that works excellent on your Siberian husky or other fur buddies, without causing any issues.

Best Collar for Husky

1. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collar Collection

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collar CollectionIf you or your Siberian husky is particular about the colors, then Blueberry Collar Collection is a treat for you both. This brand offers more than 20 collar colors with four different sizes. Sizes start from extra small to small, medium, and large. This company can also make personalized collars, including the dog’s name and phone number.

Key Features and Specification

  • It is not stretchable. So, it is essential to leave a two-finger gap between the collar and the dog neck. A properly fitted collar or harness won’t leave any room for your dog to chew.
  • It is advisable not to leave your dog unattended when the collar is on as it is not to tie out. 
  • It is made of the Nylon fabric with high-density webbing that adds durability. The buckles are made from eco-friendly plastic. The metal D ring is chrome coated.
  • There is a whole set available online. You can also purchase the matching leash, harness, and seatbelt of the same color.
  • It is essential to measure your dog before purchasing the collar. A size chart and recommended weight range is given to measure correctly.


2. UrPower Heavy Duty Denim Dog Leash Collar

UrPower Heavy Duty Denim Dog Leash CollarThis collar cum harness offers high durability and longevity because of two thick layers of blue jeans and red nylon. It controls the pet providing comfort and ease. This harness set is perfect for daily walking, running, and training. The package includes one harness and a leash. 

Key Features and Specifications

  • It comes in three different sizes that are small, medium, and large. There are two adjustable straps to fit correctly. Its nylon stitching adds strength to the design.
  • The harness comes with heavy-duty hardware, and the metal is highly resistant to wear and rust. Even the clasp that holds the leash fastens securely.
  • There is no front or back to the harness as both sides have the same length. Still, it is vital to check the measure guide for dogs’ neck and girth size.
  • It has a soft texture and no hard edges. The buckles are also well designed and do not irritate the dog’s skin.
  • It does not wrap into sensitive armpit area where most chafing occurs. Also, it reduces sudden and uncomfortable pulling of your pet’s neck.
  • It has a classic look as a Siberian husky collar and harness. It has a vibrant color combination. It looks smart on dogs and helps you to train them in style.
  • The company provides 180 days of guarantee on any products purchased. It also offers good repair and well maintenance.


3. Winsee No-Pull Pet Harness with Dog Collar

Winsee No-Pull Pet Harness with Dog Collar1Winsee offers both dog collar and harness in the same package. They are made from a robust nylon material and rust-free metal. Also, they feature a nylon handle, lockable snap buckle, and two sturdy D-ring on front and back. The 2 D-rings prevent extensive pulling.

Key Features and Specifications

  • There are three standard sizes available for this harness. There are adjustable straps that can fit even to the growing dog.
  • This no pull dog harness is made with enhanced 1680D oxford fabric with high density. It does not get affected by minor chewing. Also, it is difficult to tear up.
  • If your dog fits two sizes listed, you should go for the larger size for better protection and ease. XL straps are wider and thicker than the L straps.
  • It also includes a breathable mesh lining and comfortable padding. Apart from these, there is an elastic belt on the belly strap for proper fit.
  • Pulling pressure of the collar and harness is evenly distributed to the body to prevent choking. 
  • Its reflective straps ensure your pet’s safety even at night. A sturdy handle is there for assistance and better control.
  • Even after providing high-quality products and the best customer services, Winsee harness for husky offers 365 days warranty. 


4. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar 

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar If you want to buy a military-style collar for husky, you should try this adjustable dog collar. The design of this collar is vintage but it offers a unique and fashionable appearance. It includes one hook and loop panel to add military patches. It can add extra swag.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The husky dog collar is comfortable because of its thick nylon strap and cushion pads. It fits best on the dog’s body and prevents choking or skin irritation.
  • There are five adjustable points, including heavy-duty metal D ring and buckle. All of these are long-lasting and easy to attach with any dog leash. 
  • It is available in two different sizes that fit medium to large-sized dogs. It is essential to measure the pet’s neck size before the purchase. 
  • If the neck size of your dog is between 37-45 cm, try using M size, and if it is more than 45 cm but less than 53 cm, then you should go for the L.
  • As the collar is not stretchable, it is essential to leave two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. 
  • Also, you should always concern about the neck size of your growing puppy as such collars may get tighter.


5. Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog CollarThis product is Law Enforcement and Military grade professional training equipment that ensures security and everyday comfort. This collar is great for dog training, patrolling, hiking, or camping, jumping, traveling, etc. It is sturdy and super adjustable. You can quickly put it on and off on the Huskies.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar is made of high-quality 1000D nylon, durable metal hook, and a heavy-duty metal buckle that are hard to break or tear off. 
  • It also features a secure handle that is convenient for daily training. 
  • There are three sizes available from medium to extra large.
  • The soft padded lining works excellent on the dog’s neck without leaving any rashes. It fits perfectly without chocking him or causing any issues while chewing.
  • There is a velcro area where you can attach your beloved pet’s ID patches, badges, or other velcro accessories.
  • This collar is best for activities like dog training, patrolling, hiking, walking, or hunting.


When you want to train your husky, you have to use proper accessories with appropriate techniques. So it is recommended to invest in the best collar for husky that is readily available online. These products are the top five in my list as per the research and customer reviews. I have also used all of these collars and harnesses as I have three big furry companions with me. I hope this article is useful to you and you will find the best one for your best. Order them now!

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