Dog Lift Harness Systems for Handicapped Pets – Sling Harness of 2020

Some dogs suffer from diseases in their old age one such condition is arthritis. In this disease, the dogs are not able to walk properly due to the alarming pain in their knees. There are also instances that a dog is injured and suffering from a knee, back or hip injury. During all these times a dog needs support while walking and takes time recovering from the same.

Dog Lift Harness Systems for Handicapped Pets

To ease out the process of the recovery of the dogs and also to help owners as well as dogs to move around there rear lift harnesses available in the market readily. These harnesses can be used to lift the dog from the ground when you feel that the dog is tired and not walking. It also supports a dog while they recover from the injuries. This rear lift is specifically designed for the dogs who are rehabbing or recovering from a disease or injury. There are many such rear lifts available that come in all sizes to fit your dog.

To make the selection process easy for all my readers I have curated a list of best rear lift harness available in the market after a lot of research and analysis to help you find the one that suits your dog well.

1. Labra Canine Sling Lift

Labra Canine Sling Lift

Labra canine harness is the top-rated choice of the customers for dog rear lift harness. The harness is easy to adjust without bending over again and again. It helps in lifting the dog from the ground without bending and causing back pain to the owners. The harness is also helpful in assisting with the injury healing process for the dogs. It is perfect for post-operation and also for the dogs with weak back legs.

Key features

  • The harness is soft and comfortable to wear for dogs. Its fleece lining is soft on the dog’s midsection making it convenient for the dogs.
  • The harness has adjustable straps unlike other sling lifts available in the market.
  • The harness comes in different sizes along with the extra-large size that is appropriate for dogs weighing 75-100 pounds.
  • The harness is strong and durable as it can hold any size and breed of a dog easily.


2. GingerLead Rehabilitation Harnesses

GingerLead Rehabilitation Harnesses

This harness is one of its kind in this list as it is used and tested by veterinarians. This lift is recommended for the dogs suffering from arthritis or any other diseases such as degenerative myelopathy. It is also recommended for the injured dogs to recover from their injury. The most attractive feature of this harness is that it comes in all different sizes starting from small to extra large and has a diverse range of harnesses for male and female dogs. The harness is designed specifically keeping in mind whether it is for a male dog or a female dog.

Key features

  • The harness is made of premium quality material ensuring comfort to the dogs. There is no bunching and has a patented sling with a leash and handle for large dogs.
  • The harness is easy to clean as it can be washed in the machine and is dryable as well.
  • The harness has padding for the dog’s comfort that is lined by a soft corduroy where it comes in contact with a dog’s skin to avoid rashes or discomfort.
  • The attached leash can be connected to a collar for controlling the speed. Also, a chest harness can be attached for added support.


3. Love Pets Dog Lift Support Harness

Love Pets Dog Lift Support Harness

The love pet dog lift harness is another best option available in the market. All its customers have praised the quality of the harness as well as its utility for the dogs suffering from diseases. It has a support pad which is 10 inches wide that helps the dogs while walking, getting into the car, etc. It is the best option for dogs that are recovering from knee or hip injury. The rear lift has a durable nylon and poly fleece lining.

Key features

  • The harness is recommended for the canines between 28-33 inches and for the ones who do not weigh more than 75 pounds.
  • The rear lift is specifically designed for the larger breeds of the dogs.
  • The straps of the harness have a soft and strong velcro to allow a stronger handle.
  • It is approved by vets and is ideal for assisting the dogs for the recovery process post orthopedic surgeries.


4. AMZ  Dog Lift Harness Support Sling

AMZ  Dog Lift Harness Support Sling

Veterinarians recommend this dog harness support sling for the recovering dogs. It can be used for dogs having limited mobility due to injuries or a disease condition. It comes with adjustable handles to make it easy for the owners to lift their little ones easily. The harness is easy to use and helps to support the rear legs of the dog while walking.

Key features

  • The harness is easy to clean as it can be machine washed. It is suggested to air dry the harness instead of the machine dry.
  • The rear lift is available in all the sizes, and the size chart can be checked for seeing the fittings and measurements of the rear lift.
  • It includes a step-by-step instruction manual to help in introducing the harness to your dog and how to take care of it as well.
  • The harness is made up of a sturdy material that makes it durable. It is suited for all heights as one doesn’t need to bend again and again to lift their dog.


5. PetSafe Lifting Harness

PetSafe Lifting Harness

The harness is designed for both male and female dogs which is available in different sizes. It is recommended to check the waist and chest measurements of the harness before ordering it. The harness comes with rubber handles and adjustable straps that make it easy and comfortable for the owners to use without bending every time to lift their pet. It is recommended for old or senior dogs also for the ones suffering from injuries. The harness helps to assist the dogs in climbing the stairs, getting into vehicles, bathroom breaks, etc.

Key features

  • The rear lift is designed in a unique way such that it lifts the hips and abdomen together instead of applying pressure to only one area.
  • It includes specially designed panels for males that can be removed while urinating.
  • The harness can be used for rear-only support, front-only support or full body as well for the dogs.
  • It is effortless to clean the harness as the belly band, and leg loops are removable and can be washed in a machine with a mild detergent. It is suggested to wash the protective panel given for males separately in soapy water and line dry.


6. Dog Lift Harness Sling

Dog Lift Harness Sling

The Fur e. Frenz dog lift harness helps the dog in walking, climbing, etc. after suffering from hip or knee injuries, ACL tears or other ailments that affect the joints of the dogs creating problems while walking. It is made up of premium quality making it strong and durable. The harness can be machine washed but should be air-dried. The quality check is done and is approved by vets to use it for dogs having weak hind legs, suffering from CCL/ACL tears, arthritis, etc.

Key features

  • This dog lift harness is specially designed for the extra-large breeds who weigh more than 75-200 pounds. However, it is recommended to go through the size chart before making the purchase.
  • It braces and stabilizes the weak hind legs of your dogs giving them support to walk and do other activities.
  • It comes with extra strong lifting support that helps in greater contact support.
  • The harness comes with the adjustable straps to make the adjustments without bending again and again.


7. Lepark Dog Sling

Lepark Dog Sling

This heavy-duty dog sling is strong and durable and has a unique design to hold weights of large breeds such as Husky, Labrador, Golden retriever, and the breeds of a similar kind. It can be rolled up and stored easily when not in use, also it does not acquire more space. This harness is a good replacement to the old traditional dog sling as it gives good support to the dog’s rear legs and provides support to the back too while walking.

Key features

  • The sling has a well-equipped grip with removable padding that makes it comfortable to use the harness.
  • It is easy to wash by just putting it into the washing machine and air dry it instead of machine dry.
  • The harness is soft and comfortable for the senior dogs as well as injured dogs. It helps the dog to walk, climb, etc.
  • It has a supporting lifting pad that helps to hold the dogs weighing 35-65 pounds.


These harnesses are the top-rated and of premium quality. If your dog is suffering from a diseased condition or is recovering from an injury, then I would suggest using a harness to lift them. It will help the dog in walking comfortably, and it also becomes easy for the dog owners to lift their pets. However, if you feel your dog is still not able to walk, then you should check it with a vet to see to it that the dog is getting proper treatment and care. I hope this post helps you in deciding which harness to buy your furry friend and help them recover speedily.

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