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Dog barking is very common in the homes where pet owner has to deal accordingly. Your pooch barks at delivery people, strangers, visiting friends, neighbors or somebody else who passes nearby your house. If dogs face any undesirable situation, dullness, anger or nervousness then they start yapping.

At times it becomes challenging for the dog owners to control the barking of their dear pet. The dog barking becomes irritating to the neighbors, sick people in your home, students, kids and some more. To get rid of the disturbance from the yapping sound of your furry friend you should take help bark deterrent.

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In the market, you will get the variety of dog barking deterrent devices. Here I will talk over the First Alert Bark Genie device which will provide you valid results. It will help you to off-putting your dog barking. Let’s move ahead to explore First Alert Bark Genie reviews so that you can gain profound knowledge of the same.

First Alert Bark Genie reviews

This device makes use of ultrasonic sound which checks the uninvited behavior of your four-legged friend. The acts of chewing the domestic stuff, stealing of food, unnecessary jumping, and extreme barking are controlled by this First Alert ultrasonic bark control device.

The First Alert Bark Genie offers two types of equipment- The Handheld Bark Control device and the Bark Genie.

First Alert Handheld bark control device – It is the small device which you will find like a miniature flashlight. It serves as the indoor and outdoor dog barking deterrent which you can make use at home or carry with your dog in public settings, park, open areas or while on a walk.

  • Up to 15’ away it works effectively on all breeds, and 4 AAA batteries are required for its functioning.
  • Your pet can only hear the ultrasonic sound waves released by this device.
  • The pet owners can effortlessly carry it with their dear pets due to the adjustable strap.
  • With the small push button manually, it produces soft beeping sound to check the unwanted behavior of your canine.
  • You can conveniently carry and use this pet-friendly ultrasonic technology which is safer and effective for capturing your pet’s attention.
  • After getting familiar with the handheld bark control device, let’s move ahead to the larger bark genie.

First Alert Larger Bark Genie – This entirely automatic device gives off ultrasonic sound which your pet can only hear as widely held humans are unable to listen to it. At whatever time your pet will bark this device will pulse. You can rely on this device to enjoy effective outcomes.

  • From up to 50’ away this device can work effectively.
  • It is apt for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is weatherproof and holds three adaptable levels of sensitivity.
  • It holds low battery indicator.

From these points as mentioned above, you can make out the utility of First Alert Larger Bark Genie device.

The information stated above about the First Alert Bark Genie Handheld tool will efficiently solve your dog barking issue. In the beginning, your beloved pet may get scared on listening to the unfamiliar sound from the device but slowly and gradually they will get accustomed to the product and will behave accordingly.

Now I will discuss the essential features of First Alert Bark Genie product for the dog lovers so that they can have the proper understanding of this renowned tool.

  • You can make use of this product at your home or outdoors.
  • You have to buy 4 AAA alkaline batteries to operate this tool.
  • To provide proper training to your pet, you can employ commands like ‘quiet’, or ‘no’ type of words. In this way, you can easily give instructions to your pet.
  • On all types of breeds, it is useful.
  • You will get limited manufacturer warranty of one year.
  • You can rely on this device as it is pet-friendly and risk-free.
  • Being weatherproof, you can use it comfortably for your pet without any stress.

Final say

Now your night sleep won’t be interrupted by the dog barking as First Alert Bark Genie will control it an active manner. Make sure that while bringing this device into practice with your pet you have to be patient. In the beginning, your pet will not show the proper response to the device, but with adequate training, you can make your pooch learn the desired behavior.

As a pet parent, you should reward your pet for positive reinforcement. When your pet follows your instruction, you should provide the reward in the form of treat, toys or anything which serves as the favorite for your pet. Your motivation will ensure the comfortable stay to your faithful friend. The dogs should not be afraid of this First Alert Bark Genie, and as a caretaker, it’s your responsibility to make your pooch friendly and comfortable with this device.

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