How Tight should a Dog Collar be – Know Best Size for Dog

If you are keeping a pet, let’s say a dog for the first time, you do a lot of care to avoid any harmful or unwanted things. We all keep noticing everything to prevent adverse effects on our beloved pets. But, if you are not new to have dogs as pets, you must know the importance of dog belts, collars/bands. You should make your dog convinced to wear the collar.

In the beginning, you may feel like you are forcing your dog to have an unwanted accessory, but it is not true. A good-quality dog collar is extremely comfortable to your canine and helpful to you as well to hold him at the time of walks. Yes, there are several factors you should keep in mind while buying a collar to provide him the ultimate comfort. One of them is – Fitting of the collar.

What is the recommended space between a dog’s collar and its neck?

To know the perfect fit of the collar, first of all, you have to measure his neck size. It is suggested by the pet care consultants that your dog’s band should fit comfortably with two fingers of jiggle scope.

Follow these steps to figure out and decide the suitable space between a dog’s collar and his neck;

  • Take a soft measuring tape and measure high around your pooch’s neck.
  • Add two inches to the figure showing on the tape.
  • Buy a dog’s collar of the decided size.
  • Put it around the dog’s neck and adjust the straps.
  • Measure the upper neckline of your dog to ensure that the collar is not loose enough to come out over his ears.
  • Move your dog’s neck left and right and put your first two fingers between the neck and collar strap to double check the fitting.

Here, you should keep one thing in mind that your dog will grow his height and weight. After few days/months, this collar may become too tight for your dog. So if it does not fit properly, replace it as soon as possible.

If you have some big breeds in your house, then you should consider thick dog collars. Some dogs also have a silky head because of their extra smooth hair. For them, you can use some large breed dog collars. You can also use some chain collars if it is comfortable to your canine.

How tight should a dog collar be?

The dog collar should not be too tight or too loose. Having a perfect fit is crucial. If you cannot spin the collar around the dog’s neck, it is too tight which may cause irritation or allergy. It is not healthy for your canine as it may restrict your pooch’s breath.

If the collar spins too freely, it’s too loose, and you may not control your dog when needed. It also lets your dog to run unconsciously into some unsafe roads in which he may get lost. A loose collar also increases the threat of getting trapped on bushes, fixtures or pointy railings.

Apart from that, proper adjustment of the collar is essential to protect your dog’s skin from rashes or his fur around the neck. For the appropriate fitting, you should adjust the collar strap to your dog’s neck while lifting his chin up. Once adjusted in this position, lower your dog’s chin and check the fitting.

We hope now you got the solution of how tight should a dog’s collar be! Notice his behavior and keep checking the bands so that you can realize any discomfort of your dog on the early stage and pamper him with all the love he deserves! We wish you to have a happy and playful bonding with your dog!


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