How to Put Dog Tag on Collar: Best Way to Attach Tags to the Dog Collar

Are you a dog lover and have one as a pet? Does your day start with those tiny paws on your lap? Well! If yes, then you are lucky enough to have a great companion which is unique. Dogs are always friendly in nature and cohesive, but the real task is when you take your pets out for a walk. If you want to prevent the dog from losing here and there, then providing an identification tag is the very first thing you should do as a guardian.

However, rarely 67% of the pet owners put a dog tag. Having a collar tag on your dog is the fastest way you can get your dog. So why are you still waiting and stop being lazy and don’t delay in putting a dog tag on the collar? Here is an article for you to know the best way to attach tags to the dog collar.

Best Way to Attach Tags to the Dog Collar

Before you can think of how to attach dog tags to the collar, you must understand why to do so. A lot of people do believe that their pets have Microchips installed and it is entirely unnecessary to do so. However, this is not just all. If your pet is lost and there is only a microchip, one needs to pick him up and go to the vet to scan the chip. But with a Tag on the Dog Collar, it is effortless to find the owner. So, if you are willing to attach the Dog Collar Tags, here are some ways by which you can do it and get your needs! So all that you need to do is follow them up!

Step 1:

To understand how the Tagging works, you need to know that most of the Dog tags come with an S-Hook along with a Split Ring. To attach the Tag to the Dog Collar, you must use any of them to attach the tag.

Step 2:

If you are using the S-Hook, the first thing that you need to do is to loop the S-Hook through the ID tag. It will help you to get the best needs at any point in time. You now have to pinch it with the help of a pair of pliers. Simply shut the mouth.

Step 3:

Once it is done, you can easily loop the other part f the S-hook to the D-ring. You need to place the D-ring on the collar of the pet. Once it is done, you can easily pinch the mouth again with the help of pliers. It will seal the mouth.

Step 4:

If you are using the Split ring, you need to slide the tag in the ring. It is very similar to the way you push the keys in a key ring. Make sure it is completely attached.

Step 5:

Because of the structure, the split ring can quickly get into the D-ring with the same method. So the steps are straightforward to attach.

What to Put on Dog ID Tag?

If you adore your pet and want to protect it from getting lost, then here is what to put on dog id tag.

dog-wearing-Collar#1. Contact Information:

The most critical information that you must mention in a dog tag is the contact details. Yes! Remember, being an owner you are the sole guardian of the poor soul. Hence, it is essential to add the contact details of yours in the tag is a must if you want to get your sweetie back at home.

#2. Reward Offer:

Everyone don’t like pets, especially dogs in general as we do. So they might not show any interest in your lost dog. In that case, putting a reward offer on returning your dog will increase the attention.

#3. Medical Specifications:

Mentioning medical specifications on the dog tag are quite valuable. Mention if it is Rabies vaccinated so that people know it is a safe bite or not. It is always great to mention every detail possible of your dog in the tag as it will help others to understand the dog quickly and also if lost, get you your dog back easily.

#4. Address:

Another vital element to mention in the dog tag is the city or address details. For example, if your dog goes out and gets lost, then the tag in the neck with the home address might help it to return to you safely.

#5. Personality Quirks:

Another way to protect your loveable dog is to mention the personality quirks in the dog tag. Suppose, indicate whether your dog is giant like a teddy bear or are they super-friendly in nature? Also, suggest any critical factor related to your dog. It is crucial to inform whether he is afraid of lightning or noises etc.

#6. Dog’s Name:

Sometimes dogs are stolen as well whether you want to think about it or not. In that case, you can always put the dog’s name in the tag. It will then make it quite difficult for the thief to steal it and claim it as his own.

Well, that’s it.

Following this best way to attach tags to the dog collar, you can ensure the safety of your dog whenever it’s lost. Remember, a pet dog is the most loyal friend, and you don’t wish to miss your favorite pet at any cost.

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