Seresto Collar not working – Here’s what you should do!

Fleas are among the worst ever. Once they infect, they stay until we take drastic measures. And, we all know what happens when we leave them untreated – they inflict an enormous amount of pain on our little pooches. Thankfully, veterinarian sciences have a few treatments that we could apply. The Seresto Collar is one of them. 

What is a Seresto Collar?

The Seresto Collar is a prevention and removal treatment that works on dogs and cats. As the name suggests, your furry friend needs to wear this collar for it to start working. It is important to follow all the instructions that come with the collar in order to ensure that it removes fleas effectively.

How Does Seresto Collar Work?

Infestation removal is a slow process. The Seresto Collar itself takes around 8 months to remove the fleas completely. However, you will start seeing results in the first 24 hours itself. It works on adult fleas and larvae alike, through contact. Alongside, within 48 hours, it starts working to prevent further/new infestation. 

The collar contains active ingredients that work slowly not just on fleas but also on ticks. However, the mechanism is slightly different for ticks. The ticks on the body first need to be removed. They will not die after the collar is worn. The collar only prevents a tick infestation

Do Seresto Collars Expire?

No, they don’t, provided they are in the original container and inappropriate storage conditions. After you open the collar and put it on your pet, it will work only for around 8 months. 

Seresto Flea Collar Not Working – Reasons

Flea Collar Not Working

Seresto is a very popular flea treatment method but we have received many complaints about it not working. There can be many reasons for it. Here are a few:

  • The coat of your pet is very thick – Penetrating a thick coat is quite difficult and that’s probably why you aren’t seeing the desired results.
  • You just started the treatment – Please note that Seresto Collars (or any other treatments) don’t start working immediately. They take time. You will start seeing results only after 24-48 hours. Complete eradication can take months.
  • You keep removing it – The Seresto Collar needs to be worn at all times. Frequent removal will render the collar incompetent because it works only on contact. 
  • You give your pet a bath very often – The collar’s effectiveness will reduce if you keep giving your pet a bath all the time. On the surface, these collars are water-resistant but too much exposure will certainly have an impact. 
  • There’s already a tick infestation – As aforementioned, Seresto Collars cannot eradicate live ticks. So, if your pet already has ticks, you should remove all of them before making him/her wear the collar.

If you are still having trouble with the collar, we request you to reach out to the seller. It may be faulty. 

IMPORTANT: If your dog is old, debilitated, pregnant, or nursing, you should NOT buy the Seresto Collar without the vet’s approval. 

Go on then! Use it well and you will get the rewards – a flea-free pet! All the best!

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